Pigeon in the cinema, London, UK on 15th April 2023 – by Sam Clements and Louise Owen

“On Saturday 15 April, a pigeon showcased it’s cinephile credentials by joining a packed audience in the BFI Southbank’s biggest auditorium (NFT 1) for a screening of Mervyn LeRoy’s classic movie, Gold Diggers of 1933.

The pigeon did not have a ticket however and before the film started, the team at the venue diligently attempted to liberate the bird from the cinema screen. After 30 minutes of various approaches it was decided that actually it could stay and watch the film. 

Thankfully it was freed later in the day and has been telling the other pigeons of London about the virtues of the big screen experience. 

This recording was taken in the audience, before the film was started, whilst venue staff tried to coax the pigeon towards a fire escape. It starts just as they decided it might be worth playing some cat sounds into the PA system. 

Sam Clements & Louise Owen, makers of the 90 Minutes Or Less Film Fest Podcast.”