Underwater, Førdefjord, north of Bergen, Norway in February 2023 – by Jay Richardson

“Myself and my co-editor (at The Sonification) went to cover a story about a mining company that has permits to start an open pit project in a rural area about 150km north of Bergen, with all the waste rock and process chemicals to be deposited in the nearby fjord—which also happens to be a pristine National Salmon Fjord. To a lot of local people we met, the fjord is a major food source, a place to relax and fish with family, and beyond that, an identity and a way of life. The story of the mining project is incredibly complicated and goes back a long way, but it’s a source of immense bitterness and sadness to many.

The underwater recording is from a hydrophone at 5 metres’ depth, with some mysterious scrapes and gurgles that could be from marine life, of which there’s a lot… There’s also some drilling sounds, which probably come from the construction and tunnelling work at the mine, although I can’t be sure.”