Orthodox Christmas service, Catholic Church of St. Johns, Vilnius, Lithuania on 7th January 2023 – by Vaida PilibaitytÄ—

“On January 7th I went to an unusual Orthodox Christmas service at the Catholic Church of St. Johns in Vilnius where the service was led by a chaplain father Heorhiy Kovalenko visiting from the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Kyjiv. 

The service was organized by the Lithuanian Orthodox priests who left Moscow Patriarchate and are now serving Ukrainian refugees and other members of the Orthodox community in Lithuania who do not want to pray in the churches of Moscow Patriarchate.

This was a very moving bilingual service, where father Heorhiy Kovalenko was praying in Ukrainian for all those displaced by the war and those helping them, and the carol singers (if this is a correct term) were answering in both Ukrainian and Lithuanian.”