Roaring cascades at Cajón del Azul, El Bolsón, Chubut, Argentina in January 2022 – by Joaquín Conde

“After 4 hours of walking in the forest, some friends and I reached Cajón del Azul where the ice-cold waters of Azul River have carved deep into the stone over millenia. Although Cajón del Azul is a very popular place for tourists during the summer months, we found a secluded spot to rest and record some audios while we drank some “mates” (a traditional infusion in Argentina). I was impressed by this loud non-stop roar the cascades made and by the fact that this sound probably was, to the local fauna, as permanent as the Andes Mountains themselves. Throughout this 40 min recording you can quite barely hear our voices or the birds’ chirping over the deafening deep roar of the waters.”