Picaflor Bronceado (Gilded Sapphire) in Mármol, Buenos Aires, Argentina on 8th October 2021 – by María Emilia Pérez

“I walked along Canale Street with Damián, we talked about what life is like in José Mármol while we enjoyed the rich sound and visual landscape, more than anything the sunset that was building, a lot of light that radiated from the streets and also knowing from what sounds those who inhabit it: local neighbours, motorcycles, dogs and a rich variety of other species: Horneros, Benteveos, Picazuros, Common Pigeons, Pigeons, Sparrows, Red Thrushes and between talks and listening contemplation, we found some sounds coming from the sky, not trees: it was a Hummingbird (Amazilia chrysura is considered by some authors as Hylocharis chrysura). That day we were amazed to run into a being so unique and striking standing on a power cable in the middle of the road and its incessant song. We contemplated it for several minutes but I think this excerpt is the cleanest to be able to identify it and not detract from the soundscape of the site.”

Photo by Diego Trillo