Five hours walk from the Sheep’s Head peninsula, County Cork, Ireland in February 2022 – by Barnaby Nutt

“I’d been walking for hours. It started off as a fun hike with fine views of the Atlantic Ocean from the Sheep’s Head Peninsula in County Cork, Ireland. But 5 hours in, the weather had changed, I was wet, cold and had slipped over in the mud more times than I could count. Visibility was down to a few meters and I was carefully following a sketchy trail back to the dry car and a fresh pair of socks.
It couldn’t be over soon enough… and then, from out of the murk, I heard a buzzing sound. Moments later, I began to make out the form of an electricity post. I was back in civilisation. Well actually, this was West Cork; ‘civilisation’ would be an overstatement. I’d settle for a tarmac road.”