Ice cream van funeral procession, New Cross, London, UK on 17th December 2021 – by Lucy Dearlove

“Sometimes I feel like the A road equivalent of a curtain twitcher as I often hear something unexpected happening outside my flat and rush to look out. This sound was really hard to explain (particularly on a slightly delirious day 5 of having covid) and I originally thought it might be a parade, or a protest of some kind? But it became apparent (and was later confirmed by a video on the Internet taken elsewhere in South East London) that it was a funeral procession, and dozens of ice cream vans were driving behind the hearse, presumably in tribute. I’ve seen a few amazing funeral processions in London in my time, including one in Farringdon which included around 80 mourners vehicles, and flowers in the shape of a shopping trolley, but nothing quite like this and I was very moved by it.”