Two prop planes drone over Castle Cary, Somerset, England, UK on 24th November 2021 – by Matthew Faulkner

“I was with some friends on a quiet woodland walk in Castle Cary, when we noticed a drone appear from the soundscape, gradually getting louder and closer. It turned out to be two prop planes flying high overhead. At times it sounds just like a normal plane, but when they drift out of sync, it felt like the sound of a classic sci-fi martian invasion! I assume they were flying to or from the nearby Yeovilton base. I hastily unpacked my recorder to grab the last couple of minutes before they faded back into the soundscape, obscured by woodcutting machinery. They didn’t come back for a second take. I tried to snap a photo with my phone, but they were so high up between the trees – you may be able to make out two very small white dots in the sky.”