Amphibian chorus after the storm, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda at night on 9th November 2013 – by Colin Hunter

“Whilst relaxing one evening at my lodge in the heart of Queen Elizabeth National Park, a sudden storm brought heavy rain and ended days of drought. As soon as the storm had moved on, an incredibly intense amphibian chorus began down at a small lake not far from my bungalow. A guard accompanied me down to the lake so I could record the impressive soundscape of Guttural Toads and Rocket Frogs. It was pitch black and as I sat and recorded, I became hypnotised by the evolving waves and patterns of the chorus. At the end of this recording we hear a clap of thunder. A few seconds prior to this, a bolt of lightning had forked down to the ground a few kilometres away and for a split second the entire lake had been lit up in bright purple. To my surprise, a hippo was standing in the middle of the lake, about 30 metres from where I was standing, which gave me an immediate rush of adrenaline. A truly amazing experience and a wonderful soundscape.”