Open window, Clapton, London, UK on Easter Sunday 2021 – by Rachel Byrne

“I’ve always had a sort of love affair with windows. The life they let in, the life they let out. I exist by them in the day. A day is not a day without an open window. Then at night, cannot look out of them in case something, someone is looking back. Do you close curtains with your eyes squeezed shut too?

Imagine if we could collate every single view out of every single window that has ever existed? A kind of terrifying magic.

On Easter Sunday I’d been having a hard time. No further explanation needed past mentioning a pandemic. When this, a tendril, found it’s way out of a window and into my path. A person practising an instrument on a Sunday morning. No idea who was listening. And no regard for the notes that were escaping, running wild and rampant. A moment of real life, that reminded me of living. All granted by an open window. The life they let in, the life they let out.”