Punta Vagno, Genova, Italy in July 2021 – by Jonathan Zenti

“During a G8 meeting in July 2001, outside the golden cage of the city center where the most powerful men in the world gathered to decide the future of the planet, Genova became the scene of a brutal repression of the police against 300,000 protesters. An attack that was aimed to shut down the ‘Seattle Movement’, which was born 2 years before, for good. One the of the worst moments of the battle was a Police charge in Punta Vagno, a street just above the sea shore, where the police broke the parade in two, squeezing the manifestant between the water and a huge bastion, giving them no way out, and beating them to pulp. This recording has been taken in the same spot almost 20 years later, after a long interview with someone who found herself trapped in the charge. I sat on the bench to let the anger flow, watching young skaters born after that event, thinking about a future that that day, in that exact spot, has been taken away from them.”