Thunderstorm, Langoué baï, Congo Basin in 2018 – by George Vlad

“In the Congo basin rainforest, you can feel a thunderstorm long before it makes contact. Thunder booms in the distance and the insect chorus sounds a bit more tense as the air pressure drops. Most birds and mammals stop calling and you can almost feel the electricity in the air. The jungle is hot, humid and oppressive until the storm unleashes. As the rolling thunder approaches, the rain starts and the atmosphere becomes more bearable. Some birds start to call again while others are happy to bathe in the downpour. The rain hits in waves, from sparse to thick and then soft again. Listen carefully to the insect calls changing over time. If you pay close attention you’ll also hear a few elephants roar in the distance, their calls bouncing from the treeline. The rolling thunder offers a sense of gigantic space, its energy discharge contrasting with the more monotonous waves of rain. Longer version at