Kaibab Lake, Arizona, USA on 7th April 2020 – by Diane Hope

“This little pocket-handkerchief sized reservoir sits between the main BNSF rail line and Highway 64 just 50 miles south of the Grand Canyon and is a popular recreational spot so finding quiet time to record there is hard. I arrived pre 7am before it got busy. No motor boats are allowed – and the lack of overhead jet traffic helped hugely to get this intimate soundscape of wavelets lapping against a partially submerged log. The most difficult part was keeping the kayak steady AND holding a Zoom H2n just above the water line without getting too much handling noise – OR dropping it! When I got home, I discovered there was a fault and static on the right channel – leaving me with just a mono recording. But it’s so beautifully organic – at times like a thirsty big cat drinking.”