Night-time, Delaware Water Gap, USA in September 2016 – by Bart Warshaw

“Back in Sept 2016 some friends and I took canoes down the Delaware Water Gap and camped on the islands in the middle of the big river. On the last night of the three day trip, we found a small island, cooked the remainder of our freeze-dried macaroni, drank whiskey and waded into the water. As car headlights broke giant-sized shadows through the trees on a ridge way above, the whole sky was on view. The glowing worms in the ground of the river bank became visible, and we talked in to the night. Once our campfire had been rekindled for the last time, we hung what was left of our food high up over a branch out of the reach of bears, and slipped away to our tents. I could not sleep… because the world around didn’t want me to.”