7:00pm in Conway, Massachusetts, USA on 13th April 2020 – by Sara Brooke Curtis

“I was tired and needed space to myself. The wildness of nature often grounds me and so I left my family inside and stepped into my backyard. When I stepped outside I saw that the rain was coming, but it hadn’t hit yet. The smell of the incoming storm was enough to keep me out there. The wind was blowing the dried up leaves all over the dirt driveway. I heard a bird that I’d never heard before and then another. They were talking. I tried imagining what they were talking about. I heard the peepers down the road and walked towards them. But, they so often demand all of the attention so I decided to hang out in between the birds chatting and the peepers peeping, giving them both a little space to sing their songs. There was wind, it got in the way of the recording a little, but felt good on my cheeks so I kept recording. I hung out until the rain came and my recorder had too many raindrops on it. I was refreshed.”