Gooseberry Island, Westport, Massachusetts, USA on 21st March 2020 – by T.H. Ponders

“One of the my favorite features of Gooseberry Island – besides the beach of crushed pink shells on the north shore of Gumby’s Head and the two fire towers built on the island before World War II that have since been abandoned – is the field of sea grass that takes up the majority of the island’s southern tip. It’s tall, golden, and comes to a wispy head that catches sunlight perfectly. And when there is a slight breeze on the island, the reeds of the grass rub together – and squeak. Those squeaks take me back to my childhood, growing up in Kansas, running alongside the field next to my grandparent’s home, wheat and corn squeaking in that field’s breeze, and the wind in the fields two and three properties away crashing against tree lines like waves on a shore.”