Lake, Nebrodi National Park, Italy at 6am in 2016 – by Will Davies

“On a bike tour in 2016, we found ourselves in the Nebrodi National Park in Eastern Sicily.  There was a real feeling of freedom in loading up the bike with all the bits you’ll need and just heading wherever you like. Feels like a different world from these days of quarantine. We knew Mt. Etna was nearby but hadn’t seen it yet when we bedded down for the night beside what felt like a remote lake. The next morning a thick mist blew up from the valley giving us a feeling like we were insulated from the world, just us and the frogs and birds.  As we packed up our tent, the mist evaporated and we soon continued down our little path and within 300 yards came to a car park filled with kids flying drones and having morning BBQs – not that remote after all.”