Morning in my garden, Denmark, 23rd March 2020 – by Rikke Houd

“Recorded in my garden at 7.15 in the morning during a time of self-isolation. The birds don’t care whose garden it is. It is their world really. They like it here. An old garden with many bushes and trees in which this little society of birds can unfold in spite of several sneaky cats in the area. Now it’s spring, so much going on. A little group of starlings in the bamboo. A dove in the cherry tree. Robins. Seagulls flying by. A blackbird-couple building a nest in a bush. That is the rustling you hear. I was planning to cut that bush back, but those plans are on hold now. The neighbours’ rooster Freddie (after Freddie Mercury) and the five chickens walk by, heading for the compost and the freshly dug vegetable garden.”