The balcony of Cinema Jenin Guest House, Jenin, Palestine on 28th or 29th October 2017 – by Michael Umney

“Recorded in the late afternoon on the balcony of the Cinema Jenin Guest House, in the North of the West Bank. The famous cinema over the road, which the guesthouse used to be an adjunct to, had just been demolished and new blocks were going up on all sides.¬†

Building work must have stopped for the day and traffic from the bus station was at a low ebb just at the right time to hear what I assume to be one or possibly two¬†muezzins performing the Adhan, the call to prayer. The bowl formed by the town rising up the hill opposite creates a vast, fine reverberance and a sun struck, dreamy atmosphere which is, rightly or wrongly, exactly how I now remember that moment being – not necessarily the typical mood of a lively town.”